PRESS RELEASE: “Eventbrite At The Door Extends Eventbrite’s Ticketing Platform to On-Site Sales” San Francisco, Calif. (Eventbrite) June 13, 2011 – Eventbrite announced today...

PRESS RELEASE: “Eventbrite At The Door Extends Eventbrite’s Ticketing Platform to On-Site Sales”

San Francisco, Calif. (Eventbrite) June 13, 2011 – Eventbrite announced today the release of Eventbrite At The Door, a groundbreaking iPad application that makes it easier than ever before to issue tickets and collect payments, in any location. As part of the company’s continued focus on addressing the pains of event organizers and their attendees, Eventbrite has released this application to displace the cash box — and to eliminate the long line at the ATM beside it. Because it can accept both cash and credit payments, Eventbrite At The Door makes selling tickets on-site flexible and fast. And because the iPad makes it portable, this application frees the box office to move wherever an organizer needs it most.

An optimal solution for events of all sizes and types, Eventbrite At The Door will revolutionize industry standards by drawing upon new technology and customer-focused design to offer event organizers an elegant, yet reliable solution that is not dependent on clunky hardware, costly installations and training, or restrictive contracts. This application turns an off-the-shelf consumer iPad into a robust, sophisticated — but still simple — point of sale solution.

-An intuitive design makes it easy for staff members or volunteers to use Eventbrite At The Door without training. And the interface makes issuing tickets fast — the application can process over 400 ticket purchases per hour.

-Eventbrite At The Door is designed to sell tickets even when no internet connection is available, making it perfect for outdoor or nontraditional venues. When used online, it can provide additional real-time data collection, hosted on Eventbrite’s servers.

-All attendee data from Eventbrite At The Door is stored in an organizer’s Eventbrite account, in the same way that data from online purchases is stored. Organizer reports collect and aggregate valuable data from both sales channels so organizers can make informed booking and marketing decisions.

In the five years since its founding, Eventbrite has remained at the forefront of the ticketing industry by applying cutting-edge technology to solve the problems event organizers face. “At Eventbrite, our overarching goal is empowering event organizers with the best technology available,” explains CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Hartz. “Eventbrite At The Door extends the power of Eventbrite into the physical world, turning any space into a venue, and giving greater flexibility to the people who create shared live experiences.”

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