Fans of singer Rihanna, upset following her recent shortened concert in Dallas, learned this week that they will not be receiving refunds.

In a statement, Live Nation, the show’s promoter, said it had no plans to issue refunds, and though Rihanna tweeted after the concert that she’d like to come back to the area, there are currently no plans to schedule another performance.

Reports vary on how long the singer was onstage before an exploding pyrotechnic device ignited a fire in the scaffolding overhead, with some reports saying the show was only about halfway through and others saying she had already performed for well over an hour and did 18 songs. See video below.

A technician with the band, who was sitting about 25 feet above the stage to work with the lights, suffered minor injuries as a result of the blaze. The fire was eventually extinguished, but organizers stopped the show and cleared the American Airlines Center as a precaution.

Fans have since taken to message boards and blogs to complain about the lack of a refund, and one fan started a Facebook page about the matter and is compiling names for a possible class action lawsuit.

“Not everyone is Rihanna and can just sing and make a million dollars. I mean, some of us actually have to work for our money,” Aaron Gifford, who started the Facebook page, told KDFW-TV. “This isn’t just about me. It’s about everybody that worked hard to come see her and was disappointed.”

No Refund for Rihanna Fans after Concert Fire: