Broker Visions, a new ticketing solutions company based out of Nevada, aims to make running a ticket broker business easier and more responsive to customer needs by offering clients cutting-edge online tools.

Recently launched at, the company’s cloud-based platform allows for unprecedented customization of various online ticket-selling tools that can be accessed from a broker’s computer or smartphone.

Broker Visions offers a ticket inventory uploader that works with the major exchanges, the company’s own ticket exchange, a point-of-sale software product, and an application program interface (API) that can interact with all aspects of a broker’s business.

Company founder Arthur Perrin has 20 years of experience in the ticket resale industry. In a recent interview, Perrin told TicketNews that the inspiration to create the Broker Visions platform stemmed from his frustrations with other broker tools on the market.

Perrin got his start reselling Toronto Blue Jays tickets in his native Canada as a teenager. He recounted one particular instance in the early 1990s when he and a friend resold World Series tickets for $1,500 apiece.

Now with the launch of Broker Visions, Perrin claims to have one of the most technologically advanced ticketing systems ever created. He explained, “I’m familiar with most of the products in the ticketing marketplace, and I kept asking ‘Why aren’t these products advancing with the technology?'”

Among its features, the Broker Visions platform has a real-time ticket exchange that works with all major point-of-sale systems. The exchange’s real-time features also include a robust communications tool for broker-to-customer and broker-to-broker interaction.

“Our platform allows brokers to be in contact with customers in real time and track all correspondence instantly,” Perrin said. “The e-mails the system creates even give customers the ability to update their own Facebook or Twitter feeds with ticketing and event information.”

The platform also has instant payment capabilities for purchases, analytical conversion-tracking tools, automated creation of air bill invoices, social media marketing integration, geo-tracking for events, inventory distribution management tools.

Brokers have the ability to fully customize and brand the platform’s invoice management system, Perrin explained. For example, company logos can be added to invoices, or tax and fee information can be input, which instantly updates pricing as the company prepares an order.

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Additionally, brokers can create customized “widgets” for their Web sites that can list event tickets for sale in an area of the broker’s choosing, as well as a turnkey advertising program.

Broker Visions charges $270 per month for the complete point-of-sale platform, or an upfront annual payment of $2,700, for up to five users.

The company also allows clients to add additional users or to select a modified plan. Additional pricing and product information is available on Broker Vision’s official Web site.