The Oakland Athletics have been residents of The Coliseum (now reffered to as Coliseum) since 1968 , when they relocated from Kansas City’s...

The Oakland Athletics have been residents of The Coliseum (now reffered to as Coliseum) since 1968 , when they relocated from Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium. Since moving the A’s have won 4 World Series, 6 AL Pennants, and 14 West Division Titles. The Athletics’ time in Oakland may be nearing expiration as team owner Lew Wolff has hopes of moving the team to San Jose. However, those plans come with considerable opposition, the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants continue to block the A’s move from Oakland to the fact that their organization owns territorial rights to Santa Clara County. With San Jose being the third largest city in the state of California and tenth largest city in the United States it is clear why the Giants are reluctant to agree to the Athletics move.

Currently, San Jose’s population lacks a major sports franchise outside of the NHL San Jose Sharks. If the A’s were to move to San Jose it could provide the city with a major economic impact and marketing exposure.

According to Sporting News the move to San Jose has been on the table for three years with little progressive movement. In 2009 Commissioner Bud Selig formed a panel to resolve the territorial marketing issues between the A’s and Giants. After three years of disputes not much has changed, the Giants have no plans of selling or negotiating those rights to Wolff and the Athletics organization.

Commissioner Bud Selig commented in New York at the quarterly owners’ meetings, that the A’s and owner Lew Wolff have three options: negotiate for territorial rights with the San Francisco Giants on their own, move somewhere else, or stay in Oakland.

According to ABC News, team spokesman Ken Pries stated:”Lew continues to be committed to moving to San Jose, following the procedures and guidelines of the commissioner and the committee. The focus has not changed in keeping the team in the Bay Area, and specifically San Jose. The focus is San Jose, No. 1, and keeping the team in the Bay Area.”

The inactivity on the part of the negotiations between the Giants and Athletics represent a good sign to those who want to see the A’s stay in Oakland. In a emailed statement provided by Oakland’s KTVU News Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said: “We hope the ownership of the A’s will join us at the table to discuss all of the options.”

According to ABC News, the Athletics are one of two teams without a new stadium — the other being the Tampa Bay Rays. The coliseum also hosts the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, which is the last venue to still hold both a MLB and NFL teams using the same field.