‘Bullet For Adolf’ extends run amid mixed reviews ‘Bullet For Adolf’ extends run amid mixed reviews
“Bullet For Adolf” has received mixed reviews since it opened on August 8 at the New World Stages theatre in New York. The play... ‘Bullet For Adolf’ extends run amid mixed reviews

Bullet For Adolf” has received mixed reviews since it opened on August 8 at the New World Stages theatre in New York. The play began previews on July 19, and was originally scheduled to close on September 9. However, the production’s run will be extended through Sunday, October 21. The play was written by long-time friends Woody Harrelson and Frankie Hyman. The Cheers star also directed the play, and performs the alter ego of the main character.

“Bullet For Adolf”is inspired by the real life story of how Harrelson and Hyman met in 1983, working construction in Houston. “Bullet For Adolf”is set in the summer of 1983, when Zach (Brandon Coffey), a construction worker, makes friends with the new guy Frankie (Tyler Jacob Rollinson). The two become roommates, along with Zach’s current roommate Clint (David Coomber). Woody Harrelson plays Zach’s alter ego off-stage. Hilarity ensues when Clint is found making the moves on Zach’s ex-girlfriend, and a gun which may have been used in an attempt to assassinate Hitler goes missing.

The show’s cast also includes Marsha Stephanie Blake, Raul Casso, Shamika Cotton, Shannon Garland, Chris Myers, and Nick Wyman. The creative team consists of Dane Laffrey as set designer, Kristy Leigh Hall as costume designer, Jen Schriever as light designer, and Brett Jarvis as the sound designer. The show is produced by Children at Play, which is owned by Woody Harrelson.

“Bullet For Adolf” has received mixed reviews: The New York Timescalled the play loud and muddled, “like a series of oft-recited anecdotes swapped, excitedly and incoherently, over the din of a jukebox in a crowded bar.” Contrastingly, The Associated Press said it is “an engaging, high-energy comedy that will surely entertain more than it offends.”

Harrelson doesn’t care about any of the negative reviews, and told The Associated Press, “Our goal in writing this play was to make people laugh. As long as people keep laughing we’re going to keep it going.” He told The Washington Post that he wanted to keep it going “…especially those who have been away for the summer.”

The Associated Press has stated that the show has been losing money, but that does not bother Harrelson. He noted in The Washington Post, “Nobody does theater for the money, on the other hand, an eventual profit would be lovely. Word-of-mouth accounts for 90 percent of people at the show and the audience is building every week so I’m optimistic.”

FindTicketsFast.com. told TicketNews they have yet to see any sales for the show. They advertised for it previously, but did not see much demand for the show.

The show made its world premiere last year in Toronto, and Harrelson wants to take the production to London, but there are currently no plans to do so.

For more information on “Bullet for Adolf,” visit: www.BulletforAdolf.com.