Football fans that are relatively close to New York City have the chance to catch tonight’s NFL game at a cost cheaper than the...

Football fans that are relatively close to New York City have the chance to catch tonight’s NFL game at a cost cheaper than the average pair of jeans.

USA Today reported this afternoon that according to StubHub, more than 800 seats to tonight’s New York Jets game against the Houston Texans are cheaper than the least expensive parking pass for the MetLife Stadium. The parking pass will cost you $37, while the average price for tickets on StubHub is approximately $36. Last week before the Jets were trounced by the San Francisco 49ers, the average ticket cost was about three times as much. said that tickets have dipped down to as low as $14 dollars, and are expected to decrease even farther as sellers become more desperate to sell them this afternoon and evening. They are projecting that by kickoff tickets will be under $10. With access to the game from public transportation, fans can have a stadium experience at a minimal cost. If nosebleed seats aren’t for you, mezzanine tickets are available for as low as $46 currently, and prices may drop more for them as well.

MetLife Stadium has 80,000 seats, making it hard for the Jets to sell-out often… but their poor performance so far this season certainly is not helping to sell them any quicker. So far this season the New York Jets sit 2-2 with wins against the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, along with a 27-10 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and most recently a complete collapse against the San Francisco 49ers losing 34-0.

Tonight’s face-off against one of the highest ranked teams in the NFL —the Houston Texans— that has gone undefeated this season does not seem like a promising night for the Jets to make a come-back, especially since multiple team members are out with injuries. Go to wide receiver Santonio Holmes is out for the season with a Lisfranc injury to his left foot, and both Dustin Keller and Stephen Hill will not be playing due to hamstring injuries. It’s a little bit shocking that so many tickets are still unsold for tonight’s game, with rumors swirling that tonight could mark the return of quarterback Tim Tebow to the field.

Last season, when the Jets faced the Texans, the Jets pulled off a win with a close final score of 30-27. Tonight, it would be surprising to see the game so close. With Holmes and Revis out of the game, it is expected that the Jets will not be much of a threat tonight, and the remainder of the season.