In a shift of the recent trend line, get-in prices for the Mayweather-McGregor fight this Saturday, the 26th in Vegas rose for the first time since we starting following pricing updates last week. The lowest priced-tickets on Stubhub, VividSeats, Ticketmaster resale, and Ticket Club have all been on the steady decline, with tickets still in abundant availability in the primary market.

We asked yesterday just how low the prices would go as we near the fight date, but it seems the concern was unfounded. Prices on StubHub for the 200 level sections have risen over $200 at least. Yesterday, pairs in Section 211, Row R were going for $1.623 all-in. Today, a pair in Section 210, Row L will run you $1,882. A few rows up in H & G in similar sections rise to just over $1,900.

The cheapest pair we found on VividSeats, whose prices have remained fairly stagnant in the last few days, is up to $1,830 all-in in Section 211, Row P- just about $100 more than yesterday.

On Ticketmaster (resale, that is), the cheapest pair yesterday were $1,785, but the next two best prices went up to about $1,900 and $2,000. Today, the lowest price was $1,968 all-in for seats in Section 214, Row P. That’s the same distance from the ring as the cheapest VividSeats pair, but for $138 more.

The best prices can still be found on Ticket Club, especially for those willing to pay the $49.99 annual membership fee to buy tickets for the base price, with no added fees. Yesterday, you could get ticket in Section 211, Row H for just shy of $1,500. Today, Section 208, Row P will cost you $1,716. Again, same distance from the ring as VividSeats for $114 less and as Ticketmaster for $252 less, making the $50 fee more than worth it for these tickets alone and only save you more from here on out.

Whether this slight hike in prices is just a fluke or the beginning of a continual increase, we can’t be sure. However, it is certainly still telling that so many resale tickets are going for less than face value. If you’re still considering attending “The Money Fight”, it’s in your¬†money’s best interest to buy from brokers before going primary. Follow this link to the best prices we found, still at no-fee membership site Ticket Club.

Mayweather-McGregor Pricing Update: August 22, 2017

Section Row Base Fee All In
210 L $1,564 $318 $1,882
219 H $1,585 $322 $1,907
210 G $1,594 $324 $1,918
Section Row Base Fee All In
211 P $1,464 $366 $1,830
210 WC $1,561 $390 $1,951
210 L $1,575 $394 $1,969
Section Row Base Fee All In
214 P $1,600 $368 $1,968
214 P $1,600 $368 $1,968
213 K $1,732 $398 $2,130
Ticket Club
Section Row Base Fee All In
208 P $1,716 $0 $1,716
211 P $1,742 $0 $1,742
219 H $1,748 $0 $1,748