Prices went down, prices went up; Mayweather advised fans to buy secondary, Dave Brooks called him “shady; there certainly has not been a dull moment on the business side of the Mayweather-McGregor fight, and with just a day until the big event, today has been no exception.

TicketNews has been following ticket prices in the days leading up to the fight on several different resale platforms- including Ticketmaster, whose “verified fan resale” tickets have been right there among their standard tickets for weeks.

That is, until Thursday.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

Ticketmaster has removed all of their resale inventory for Saturday’s fight, leaving only face value tickets as an option for their customers, presumably in a last-ditch effort to fill the many seats that are left unsold to a fight so highly publicized.

The other resale sites all took insignificant dips in pricing today. The cheapest pair on StubHub is $1,912, on VividSeats is $1,823, and on TicketClub is $1,581- all for 200 level seats. This mean comparable seats are just shy of twice as much money on Ticketmaster as on the cheapest resale site, and at least over a grand more than the others.

This stunt has certainly not prompted customers to choose primary over secondary as Ticketmaster would have hoped; the fight was once again the No. 1 best-selling event on TicketNetwork today.

Maybe a primary price drop is in order? It will be interesting to see how far Ticketmaster will go in order to fill the arena for the big fight. See the latest all-in prices below:

Mayweather-McGregor Pricing Update: August 24, 2017

Section Row Base Fee All In
211 G $1,589 $323 $1,912
212 G $1,604 $326 $1,930
214 P $1,619 $329 $1,948
Section Row Base Fee All In
218 WC $1,458 $365 $1,823
210 WC $1,463 $366 $1,829
211 P $1,464 $366 $1,830
Section Row Base Fee All In
219 E $2,500 $575 $3,075
101 M $2,500 $575 $3,075
103 P $2,500 $575 $3,075
Ticket Club
Section Row Base Fee All In
201 F $1,581 $0 $1,581
227 K $1,607 $0 $1,607
213 P $1,683 $0 $1,683