A particularly devoted group of young Harry Styles fans have spent the week sleeping on the streets outside of the Eventim Apollo in London in order to get as close to the stage as possible for his show.

The fans have general admission tickets, and began lining up days in advance in order to be first into the venue, the Daily Mail reported. Fans have travelled from all over the world to come see the former One Direction star perform his first solo album, but rather than sightseeing the city, they are spending each day and night right outside the venue so as not to lose their place in line. Fans packed layers of clothing and duvets to brave the British weather, and will pick up food from local fast food or grocery shops; some even rented out nearby Airbnb apartments for the occasional shower.

Pharmacy student Ariadna Esbo, 19, told travelled all the way from Barcelona with three friends, also from Spain.

“We have been here since Wednesday and we have been really cold. You really feel it at about 7 am, but we have three layers, three pairs of socks on and we are keeping warm in our duvets,” she said. “My Mum knows we are coming to the concert but she thinks we are spending our other days at tourist attractions, not sleeping here.”

Another fan from Brighton, UK, Ruth Capps, 19, has been camping since Thursday. This is just one of 19 of Harry’s shows she plans to attend. “Nothing is too much for Harry,” she said.

Harry himself heard about the fan’s dedication; at last night’s show, he shouted to the crowd, “Who’s been camping?”. Today, the 23 year-old sent his staff out with pizza and hot chocolate for hundreds of his fans awaiting his final London gig tonight.

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