Amy Schumer made her Broadway debut this month in Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower, and Forbes reports a $1 million week at the Booth Theatre. If this sales trend continues, the show will likely break the theater’s house record of $1.1 million, currently held by The Elephant Man when Bradley Cooper played the lead role in 2015.

Broadway shows overall had a great week, with sales jumping 20% from last week and hitting a record high of $32.48 million, and leading ladies seem to be strong factors in this success.

Bette Midler returned to her starring role in Hello, Dolly! after a planned vacation that caused the show to take a hefty sales hit. Her return boosted sales by almost $1.5 million.

Uma Thurman also made her Broadway debut this month in The Parisian Woman, which opened last week and grossed 88% of its potential off of five performances. The average seat price was the second-highest for any non-musical at $121, following Meteor Shower at $161.

Continuing the big-name sales boost – but this time for a man in a musical – Jason Mraz’s role in Waitress helped it hit the $1 million mark for the first time since creator and singer Sara Bareilles left the show in June.

This week’s numbers all point back to a story I wrote last week about Broadway becoming increasingly reliant on celebrities to boost sales at the box office. It may not please all old-school theater-goers, but clearly, it’s working.

Last Updated on November 14, 2017