The Dodgers, who this year played in, but did not win, the World Series, evidently see that as reason enough for a price increase. Season ticket holders tell the LA Times that in some sections, seat prices were increased as much as 20-30 percent.

Fans got the news with next year’s bills, sent in a holiday package with a mug that read “National League Champions 2017”. About two dozen fans reported that seat prices sections in the loge, reserve, top deck and pavilion raised over 20% and in other sections, over 30%.

Drc Luevano of Alhambra told The Times he is leaning against renewing his tickets on the reserve level. He said his tickets were priced at $10 per game when Guggenheim Baseball Management bought the team in 2012, rose steadily to $18 last season, then jumped 28% for next season.

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“I don’t know how you justify raising my price $5 because they went to the World Series and lost,” he said.

David Siegel, vice president of ticket sales for the Dodgers, declined to disclose 2018 season prices but said he would do so “shortly after the new year”. He also pointed out that price increases were not so steep in other sections, such as field-level seats between the bases which saw an increase of 3% to 5%.

He said that not every season ticket holder has been invoiced and not every price finalized, but that for those who have been invoiced, the price is final.

He added that the team would accommodate fans who decide the new prices are too expensive.

“We intend to work with every single one of them to find a seat and price point that works for them,” he said.

Fans also noted that the price increases make it more difficult to resell tickets that might otherwise go unused. For instance, mid-week games against lower-ranked teams regularly sold for under $10 on secondary sites last season.


Siegel said the Dodgers look at “every single secondary site” and take “everything into account” when deciding on seat prices, and that they are priced at what they consider the market rate.

With a team that’s won the National League West for five consecutive seasons and are favored to win again next season, “our play on the field speaks for itself,” Siegel said.

Fair…but the least the Dodgers could have done is not also increased prices to park at the stadium. Happy Holidays, Dodgers fans!

Last Updated on December 22, 2017