Just when we were talking about how Super Bowl LII ticket prices had rebounded and stabilized at what would be a record-high for the secondary market, the “get-in” figure took a steep tumble overnight, setting in the $3-4,000 range per ticket on most major marketplaces after all fees are considered.

Super Bowl LII Ticket Prices

As the chart above shows, prices had been on a fairly steady rise this week after hitting a low on Friday – but that all changed in the last 12 hours. All five markets we’ve been tracking – Ticket Club, Ticketmaster, StubHub, Vivid Seats and Ticketnetwork – suffered big drops in the minimum price to get in the door (averaged over a pair or more of tickets).

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Ticket Club is, as has generally been the case, the lowest price ticket for Super Bowl LII out there when fees are totaled into the equation. Members can currently find a get-in price starting at $3,127.50. That’s a drop of 23.4% from Wednesday at 5 p.m. Drops on the other marketplaces were less precipitous, but still notable. StubHub has the second-lowest get-in as of noon Thursday at $3,902.50, down 11.5% from yesterday afternoon. Vivid Seats has a get-in of $3,937.03, a drop of 10%.  Ticketmaster’s drop in get-in trailed only Ticket Club’s, as it tumbled 14% to $3,963.83.

This marks the first time since Friday afternoon where the get-in for all the marketplaces being tracked are below $4,000. On Ticket Club, there are actually 37 different ticket groups that fall under that per-ticket mark.

There’s plenty of time left until Sunday’s big game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, but it remains to be seen where the market will finally settle. Right now, it looks to be on a downward trajectory once again, after a lengthy hold early this week. But is it just another plateau, or will we see the bottom fall out as those holding inventory look to avoid missing out on a chair when the music stops in just over three days at US Bank Stadium?

Last Updated on February 1, 2018

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