Many fans of the K-pop boy band BTS are speaking out, claiming that they have been harassed and discriminated against at concerts by security guards.

Currently, BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, are on their Love Yourself world tour. After their second show in Hamilton, Canada at FirstOntario Centre, a Korean fan posted a note online claiming that security guards sexually harassed her. She said the guards pulled her and a friend out of line, aggressively searched through their belongings for a camera, and accused them of hiding a camera up their skirts.

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Another fan shared her experience, claiming that the security guards will make sure to check the Asian fans’ bags more thoroughly. She said a guard forced her to hand over her bag although she was already outside of the arena. The guard checked her skirt, shoes, and waist to see if she hid a memory card to a camera in them.

“Today, I didn’t take my camera with me and wanted to be the same as all of you, just being here at the concert and enjoy the fantastic the boys are bringing,” she said. “As a fansite, I really want to catch the best moment of the Tae and share with you. However, as a person, I also need the respect from the staff and security.”

According to Core Entertainment, which runs FirstOntario Centre, professional grade cameras are not allowed in the venue. Many fans shared stories of inappropriately being patted down and checked by security, even though they didn’t have a camera. Those that did manage to bring in a camera had their memory cards confiscated. Fans are blaming BTS’ management, Big Hit Entertainment.

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Core Entertainment said that all pat downs on female patrons are done by female security guards and vice versa for males. Others took to Twitter to defend the guards, noting that the most important concern at a concert is safety and the guards were just doing their job.

Big Hit Entertainment has not commented on the fans’ accusations about the security guards.