The Midterm Elections are approaching on November 6 and everyone is trying to get the word out — even select bands are now offering free entry into shows with the #iVoted initiative.

More than 100 concerts will be free admission in the U.S. with the initiative. Concertgoers just have to take a selfie proving that they voted on Election Day. Some bands are telling fans to show up to the show and use the photo as their entry ticket, while others will enter voters into a raffle system to win free tickets.

However, it’s important to note to take a photo legally, as some states require you to be 75 feet away from your polling place in order to snap a picture.

Good Charlotte is offering free tickets to fans at their Minneapolis show on November 6.

Additionally, Like Pacific and Roam are offering a raffle contest to get tickets to their show in Hartford, Connecticut. Fans have to take a selfie, post it on Instagram, and tag the venue.

Other artists offering free tickets with iVoted include Maggie Rogers, Hoobastank, Playboi Carti, Iron & Wine, Chase Atlantic, and more. Check out the concerts offering free tickets by state via iVoted’s website. Depending on the venue, between 50 to 200 tickets will be given away with proof of voting.

In addition to the iVoted initiative, multiple people within the music industry have been expressing the importance of voting during this Midterm Election. A few fake entertainment news articles have been circulating – linking fans to a page to register to vote.

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Various artists have spoken out as well, encouraging the younger generation to vote. Taylor Swift recently took to Instagram to share her political stance for the first time in her career. She spoke openly about who she is going to vote for in Tennessee and following her statement, voter registration increased by 65,000 the next day. Katy Perry, Cher, Green Day, Miley Cyrus, and John Legend also have been known to use their platform to share the importance of voting.

iVoted is just one among many initiatives currently in place to help young voters register and come out to the polls on November 6. Many issues on the table include LGBTQ rights, climate change, reproduction laws, and the legalization of marijuana. Register to vote here.