While performing in Nottingham, United Kingdom over the weekend, Lil Pump had to stop his show mid-set after a “tear gas” was thrown into the audience and fans began to leave in fear.

According to TMZ, the gas started to fill the auditorium, sending fans in a frenzy. While it’s unclear who launched the tear gas, law enforcement sources said the incident was not terrorism.

Medics began to treat the rapper, who was “nearly unconscious.” Two other fans also suffered minor injuries.

However, Lil Pump didn’t let the incident ruin the night — he quickly moved the crowd outside and hopped on his tour bus to continue performing. A video was captured of the rapper singing “I Love It,” his latest collaboration with Kanye West.

In an Instagram live video after the show, Lil Pump called out the person who threw the smoke bombs, asking why someone would do that and cause him to almost faint mid-performance.

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Lil Pump is currently touring throughout Europe, making stops in cities like Brussels, Hamburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo before wrapping-up in Russia on December 11. His next performance is tonight in Bristol, United Kingdom.