We are officially in the thick of January football. This means it is crunch time for the eight remaining teams left in the playoffs. Now that the wild card round is past us, the teams still standing in the AFC are: the Colts, the Chargers, the Chiefs and the Patriots. The teams still standing in the NFC are:  the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Rams and the Saints.

With only four weeks left before Super Bowl LIII, fans are still on the hunt for the best priced tickets. Last week we discussed the reasons why prices fluctuate up and down during the weeks leading up to the game. One of the main reasons behind ticket prices were the teams playing in the super bowl. Through some price analysis of ticket listings before and after the wild card round, we can determine that the results of this weekend’s games have little to no effect on Super Bowl prices.

Prior to the wild card round, the best prices for Super Bowl tickets were available on Ticket Club. Since then, post-wild card round, fans can still find the best prices on this service fee-free site. As of Monday, January 7, the lowest price for a pair of tickets was $7,187.99. Compared to listings back on Friday, December 28, the price has remained constant. Similarly, on ZeroMarkup, the results of the wild card round have not moved ticket prices at all. The only difference in price before and after the wild card round can be found on competing secondary market sites: NFL On Location, StubHub and Ticket Master Resale.

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Below are the most up-to-date Super Bowl prices by site pre-wild card round and post-wild card round.

Lowest Priced Pair Of Super Bowl Tickets By Site as of 10:30AM On 1/7/2019 Post Wild Card Round

Website Tickets Prices Post Wild Card Ticket Prices Pre Wild Card Price Difference
Ticket Club $7,187.99 $7,187.99 $0
ZeroMarkup $7,323 $7,323 $0
NFL on Location $8,660 $8,900 $240
StubHub $9,302.14 $9,827.48 $525.34
Ticketmaster $10,440 $10,920 $480

The data above indicates that the results of the wild card round barely effected how much sites are listing  Super Bowl tickets for. The largest price change is found on StubHub with a mark up of $525.34, due to supply and demand. All in all, fans can purchase the best priced tickets to the game on TicketClub.com.