During a performance of ‘Hamilton’ over the weekend in San Francisco, theatregoers fled the venue in panic after believing there was an active shooter in the crowd.

The chaos ensued after a member of the audience fell to the ground just as fake gunshots rang through the Orpheum Theatre as a part of the show. According to CBS News, the woman is believed to have suffered from a heart attack. A CBS reporter and member of the crowd said she heard someone yell “gun,” which led people to run out of the theatre.

While the woman was having a medical emergency, another person pulled the fire alarm, inciting more panic. As people tried to escape the room, three people were injured, police said. SF Gate reported that one person suffered a broken leg and none of the injuries were life threatening, while NBC Bay Area noted a boy suffered a seizure and another person sustained a head injury.

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The San Francisco Fire Department explained that the woman who initially collapsed in the audience had “a return of pulses with CPR and paramedic and remains in critical condition” as of Saturday.

Police Captain Renee Pagaon told NBC Bay Area there was no one with a gun and no shots were fired. A spokesperson for the San Francisco Police said the panic was caused from members of the audience inaccurately linking the medical emergency to gunshots.

Following the incident, SHN Broadway tweeted that once an audience member activated the theatre’s fire pull station, the audience and cast followed an announcement to exit the venue. However, fans noted that no announcement had been made during the chaos, resulting to theatregoers crawling on the floor to the exit or jumping into police patrol cars out of fear.

Some audience members shared their experience:

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SHN released a statement noting that the producers of Hamilton and SHN are reviewing the events and patrons who attended the show will be contacted and invited to return to Orpheum Theatre to view another showing of the play.