The US Minority Ticketing Group (USMTG) is proud to welcome Lonny Belvin, one of our first supporters, to the organization. Belvin is the founder and owner of Tix City, a nationally recognized leader in ticket sales in the Northeast.

Belvin is no amateur when it comes to the ticketing industry. Like most teenagers, he was heading to apply for a job in security in New Jersey, where Belvin calls home. His career in security was short-lived after being told the company was no longer accepting applications. As he exited the building, he saw a sign outside for tickets for a STYX concert at the Meadowlands arena. Turning a rejection into an opportunity, he headed to the deli where his brother was working and borrowed $50 to buy eight tickets for the STYX concert.

While marketing strategies have grown to be extensive and technological, Belvin made due with the best marketing technique that was available. He posted index cards on the local super market wall saying there were eight tickets available for the concert. In no time, he sold the tickets, made a profit and paid his brother back double what he gave him. To no surprise, his brother asked, “Can we do this again?” and quit his job at the deli. Belvin and his brother have been business partners ever since.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

Since Belvin first purchased those STYX tickets, his business has skyrocketed. He says that his success in the industry is contributed to taking a chance on himself and his brother and dedicating themselves to the business. For other industry professionals, he recommends getting connected with Ticket Network, a company filled with ticketing experts that will help guide you and your business.

“I owe Ticket Network for a large part of our growth and success due to the guidance that their sales representatives gave us,” he said.

One can learn three main lessons from Belvin: dedicate yourself to your business, save your profits for the future and don’t be afraid to partner and work with others. If you dedicate yourself to the business and take a chance, he said “you can easily make $50,000 to $125,000 a year.”

Belvin highlighted the importance of networking with other industry professionals, especially for those just beginning.

“One thing I am very grateful for is the people I have met and the friendships I have developed nationally and internationally over 40 years in the business.”

Success seems natural to Belvin, but it took time, effort, risk and relationships to truly grow his business into what it is now. Belvin is highly respected in the ticket industry and enthusiastically loved by consumers and all who meet him.

Belvin is based in New Jersey but provides tickets throughout the nation. If you want to look more into his business, Tix City, you can check out their website.