Multiple artists are offering a teenager free concert tickets for life after he egged the controversial Australian senator Fraser Anning earlier this week.

Anning sparked outrage when he blamed Muslim immigration for the shooting at a Christchurch mosque on Friday, noting that Muslim people were “not blameless.” Will Connolly, now famously known as “egg boy,” was attending Anning’s right-wing rally in Moorabbin, Melbourne on Sunday. In the middle of the senator’s speech, Connolly took his phone out, started recording, and smashed an egg on Anning’s head. The senator struck the teen and Connolly was immediately tackled by Anning’s supporters.

Connolly was arrested but was released without charge. Although the police are calling the teen’s actions an assault, people across the globe are taking note of the situation and labeling him a “hero.” In less than a day, a GoFundMe page raised more than A$11,000 (now at A$63,000) for Connolly’s court fees and for “more eggs.” However, he plans to donate most of the money toward victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

Most notably, musicians have begun reaching out to Connolly, offering lifetime entry to their shows. Local artists like Violent Soho, Hilltop Hoods, The Amity Affliction, The Living End, and Jebediah offered him free tickets for life. Additionally, the popular group Wheaton, known for the smash-hit “Teenage Dirtbag,” joined in, along with Rolling Loud festival.

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Following the massive news coverage and outpouring of support, Connelly responded in a video clip on Twitter. His account is no longer visible on the platform, but an Instagram in his name has already garnered more than 24,000 followers.

“Thank you for your love and support,” he said in a tweet that was accompanied by a video of his face. “Don’t egg politicians, you’ll get tackled by 30 bogans at the same time, I learnt the hard way. But no regrets.”

“This was the moment when I felt so proud to exist as a human being,” he continued in another tweet. “Let me inform you guys, Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no religion. All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community, have empty heads like Anning.”

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