Tokyo 2020 delegates revealed the ticketing timeline during the 38th Olympic Council of Asia General Assembly in Bangkok earlier this month, noting that tickets to the Olympics will be available in June.

Japanese residents will be able to buy tickets between April 27 and May 6 during the country’s “Golden Week,” where four national holidays coincide. Foreign buyers will be able to purchase tickets on or after June 14. Ticket prices and venues were announced last July; the starting price range is around 2,500 JPY ($22 USD) and 5,800 JPY ($52 USD) for all events. View all ticket prices per sport here.

During this time, a new law banning ticket scalping will go into effect per the Japanese government. All resale tickets for profit will be banned, including resale websites. Additionally, the bill notes that event organizers will enforce that ticket holders are identified by name. Scalpers could face a prison term of one year or a fine up to ¥1 million ($8,800 USD) under the new legislation.

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

American guests planning to attend, while also looking for hotel accommodations, can purchase tickets through a company called CoSport, since the Olympic Games happen outside of the U.S. Tickets can be found later this year on the Tokyo 2020 official site and Japan residents will be able to apply for domestic tickets via this form. advertisement