The Chicago Cubs made history when they won the World Series in 2016 – their first championship title in 108 years. Now, fans can experience the excitement again in a new musical, Miracle, which is set to premiere on stage this May.

The play revolves around a typical blue collar Chicago family, the Delaneys, and their faith to keep going despite continued losses. Each member of the family, residing in North Side, are going through separate struggles, but are all joined by their love of the Cubs. The story is set during the Cubs’ 2016 Championship season.

Miracle is based on the book by co-founder of Apollo Theatre Jason Brett and directed by Damon Kiely, known his work with Thieves Like Us. William Marovitz and Amy Granat co-produced the show, while Michael Mahler is responsible for the music and lyrics. Marovitz explained in a press release that the Cubs have made an impact not only on Chicago residents, but people around the world.

“This story is more than just baseball, it is about the intrinsic value of believing and how having a little faith can take you somewhere where you never imagined,” he said. “For the Cubs, it was finally winning the series after 108 years, but for the fans, it was so much more. With this musical, we celebrate the highs and lows of life directly paralleled with the Cubs winning the World Series, and how believing in a miracle can get you further than you ever imagined.”

Miracle will make its world premiere at Chicago’s Royal George Theatre on May 8.