YouTube celebrity Colleen Ballinger, known as the character Miranda Sings, will make her Broadway debut this summer in Waitress: The Musical.

Ballinger, who is a professional singer, has garnered attention with her humorous YouTube channel. Back in 2008, she created “Miranda Sings,” a character that covers various artists, including herself. She has over 10 million subscribers and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on each video.  Ballinger has played in musicals since she was a child, and while she’s acted as a vocal coach to stars like Ariana Grande over the course of her career, her dream has always been to star in a show on Broadway.

“My goal was the be on Broadway since I was a little girl,” Ballinger said in one of her videos. “Everyday I would put on repeat, ‘When He Sees Me,’ which is the song sung by the [Waitress] character Dawn. And I love that character, it’s right up my alley, I love the song, I love all the music.”

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Ballinger is set to play Dawn for a limited-time run from August 20 to September 15, working alongside current cast members Shoshana Bean and Ben Thompson. Waitress, which was nominated for Best Musical at the Tony Awards over the weekend, has been running on Broadway since 2016. The show, featuring music from Sara Bareilles, is based off the 2007 film telling the story of a waitress and the abusive relationship with her husband. The play follows the waitress’ affair with her gynecologist and her attempt to win a huge reward from a pie baking contest.

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