Indie artist Cuco performed at the Lone Star Pavilion for a sold-out show Sunday night in San Antonio, however, many fans complained that the show was oversold, his setlist was cut short, and some people suffered from trampling.

Many took to social media to discuss the situation after the gig, with some noting that there was a lack of water and security checks as well.

Yet, Graham Williams, founder of the promoter Margin Walker, told that these claims were not true and “nobody was trampled.”

“It was packed up front like many concerts and very hot (being outside in July in Texas), so we had the barricade security constantly watching and talking to the crowd to check and see if anyone was passing out from dehydration or wanted to be pulled over the barricade to watch the show from the side or go to an air conditioned room with water and seating we had available (which most chose to do to cool off),” he said.

Additionally, he disputed the fact that there was not enough water, noting that an estimated 20 fans were pulled from the crowd to cool off, and a handful of previous shows at the venue dealt with the “same issue” because of the heat outdoors. In terms of the water situation, Williams said that more than 1,300 bottles were handed out to fans in the front and middle of the arena during the show and water stations were refilled every 10 minutes. As for the short set, Williams estimated that only one song was cut from the list, but otherwise, Cuco played a “full” 50-minute set to fans.

The treacherous heat caused another Cuco show in Alton, Texas to be postponed until the winter. In a tweet, the promoter said that “the heat is real,” and wanted to be prepared after what happened during the San Antonio show. Hopefully, the rescheduled gig will save fans from the sticky summer weather.

Cuco is set to release his debut album, PARA MI, on July 26. His North American tour continues on July 17 in Eugene, Oregon, followed by shows along the West Coast through the end of July.

Last Updated on July 10, 2019

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