The NFL has gone digital — but some fans are struggling with the transition to mobile tickets. During the Cleveland Brown’s preseason game last night, some people were left unable to load their tickets at the gate.

According to News 5 Cleveland, many fans had trouble with the Browns Mobile App. People complained that their tickets wouldn’t loud, despite having phone service. One season ticket holder, Keri Russell, broke out into tears outside the stadium when she was unable to access her tickets.

“Kickoff is literally in eight minutes, and it’s my first year with season tickets,” Russell told News 5. “They’re just telling me there’s nothing they can do.”

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While others were able to successfully enter the stadium, many fans were frustrated with the mobile tickets. Some took to social media to express their concern and struggle:

A spokesperson for the team noted that a small percentage of people did in fact experience technical difficulties and delays, however, their goal is for 100 percent of fans to have a smooth entry process.

“As can be expected when incorporating any new technology, our team did note a few areas to address improvement and we will continue to identify opportunities to ensure the best experience possible for all fans,” the spokesperson said in a statement to News 5. “We will also continue our expansive communications efforts on mobile ticketing as we recognize the significance of educating our fans on the new mobile process.”

The spokesperson explained that fans who are having difficulty on game day through the Browns Mobile App can seek assistance at the Browns ticket office, noting that PDFs will no longer available for entry at FirstEnergy Stadium or any other NFL venues.

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