The Green Bay Packers’ “Family Night” – a hot-selling ticket that offers fans and their families an inside look at the upcoming season – is not selling as well as it normally does.

In early July, a few thousand Packers Family Night tickets went on sale, but with the game only one day away, tickets have not gone as fast as the team would have hoped. The manager of Ticket King, Travis Loftus, told We Are Green Bay that in the past, there has been no problem selling tickets, but this year has been a “little slower.”

“Not sure if the reason is because it’s on a Friday as opposed to a Saturday, so families might have to take off a day of work which makes it a little tougher for out-of towners,” he said.

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Loftus noted that usually in the main market, tickets are sold out in the second weekend after going on sale. Then, the secondary market typically sells out during the week of the event, and they’re left with around 30 or 40 tickets. However, at this point, they still have hundreds left.

A representative from the Packers told Local 5 that the last time Family Night was held on a Friday was back in 2012, and even then, ticket sales were slow. Currently, ticket sales are on par with the figures from seven years ago, which may point to where the lack of interest stems from.

Packers Family Night is open tomorrow, Friday August 2, at Lambeau Field. This event will help fans gear up for the season. Each year, the Packers hold an extensive Kickoff Weekend to celebrate, and this year, country superstars Big & Rich will perform a free concert outside the stadium on September 14. The Johnsonville Tailgate Village will be open to fans at 3 p.m. with music starting at 5 p.m. The celebration will coincide with the opening game between the Packers and Vikings on September 15.

During the preseason this month, the Packers will play the Texans, Ravens, Raiders, and Chiefs. Then, they are slated to play teams like the Broncos, Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Redskins, Bears, and more throughout the year. Grab tickets to a game this season via Ticket Club.