After weeks of fans crying for lower prices, a promoter has dropped prices for thousands of tickets to a Packers-Raiders pre-season game in Winnipeg next week.

The Canadian-based promoter On Ice Entertainment Ltd. announced a partnership with Molson Coors, which has reduced prices for up to 6,000 tickets in the end-zone seats and lower bowl. On Ice Entertainment president John Graham told The Canadian Press that between 5,000 and 6,000 tickets were reduced to $75 plus taxes and fees, bringing the total price tag to $92. He said that the seats, which are being called the “Miller Lite End Zones,” were originally priced at $164 before taxes and fees and the deal with Molson Coors “made sense,” since there’s an opportunity to sell beer.

“What we wanted to do was create an area that we needed to address,” Graham said. “Everybody was saying about tickets (being high) and we found a partner that was willing to assist us. So if somebody turns around and says, ‘I’d like to go to the game,’ there’s an extremely affordable ticket.”

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At this time, the stadium is at about half of its capacity, and while Graham would like to see more ticket sales, he noted “I’m sure that Mercedes would like to sell more cars.” He believes that since the NFL training camps have opened, they’ll see more momentum toward all NFL games, including theirs in Winnipeg.

The drop in prices follow fans’ requests for ticket price reductions over the past few weeks. Bombers season ticket holders said that they were unwilling to spend that much money on a ticket to a pre-season game, especially because it’s mainly going to be “rookies” trying out. Graham originally said that he would not cut prices for the game, noting that “those are the prices” and “that’s what a premium sporting event costs.”

The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders are slated to face-off for a pre-season Week 3 game at the 33,000-seat IG Field next week on August 22. This will mark the first NFL game in Canada since the Buffalo Bills played in Toronto against the Atlanta Falcons back in 2013.

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