Comedian Wendy Williams has been cancelling a handful of tour dates on her stand-up trek, with multiple reports citing low ticket sales.

Her “For The Record…Umm Hmm! Tour,” kicked-off earlier this month, and the comedian was set to stop in Newark, New Jersey over the weekend for a show at the NJPAC. However, two days ahead of the show, she called-off the gig, noting that there had been a “scheduling conflict.” This is just her latest performance that has been called off; she previously cancelled gigs in Detroit and St. Petersburg which were set for September 7 and October 5, respectively.

“Wendy is proving to everyone that’s been pulling for her that she’s incapable of staying on track,” a  source told Page Six. “What happened to the strong businesswoman she’s claiming to be who was taking charge and doing big things? If anything, this mess of a tour has proven she can’t do anything for herself.”

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She is still slated to hold a rescheduled show in St. Petersburg on September 21 at the Mahaffey Theater.

Williams, 55, is also facing issues with her talk show. There are rumors circulating that the show is headed toward its end, with many employees already seeking new positions elsewhere. Earlier this year, she took a two-month vacation from the talk show in order to focus on herself.

“Addressing my issues head-on has really helped me sort out every single compartment in my life, ” Williams told Broadway World ahead of the tour. “I have a commitment to coming out of this better and stronger than before and all of my fans across the country are coming with me on the journey. I want my fans to know this is their chance to laugh, be loud and let their hair down or whatever they want to do. It’s a night for celebrating life and to laugh. It’s simple as that.”