The last decade has seen sports betting leave behind the stigma that was earlier associated with it and move towards a form of entertainment that is both exciting and profitable. As a result, more and more countries are now opening up to the idea of betting on sports and legalising operations in a controlled manner.

With a host of new fans entering the market, there are undoubtedly many doubts and concerns about betting. One of which is not knowing the best sports and competitions to bet on, and how.

While sports betting is possible across almost all major sports, there are a few tournaments that have been known to be favourites amongst professional punters and bookmakers. Because these events are covered in-dept by pundits, there’s a lot of information available that can come in handy for newcomers wanting to bet. However, as is the case with anything in life, if you are starting your gambling career, do so slowly and learn the tricks of the trade before going all in.

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American football might seem to have a limited audience, but it’s fandom in America, and Canada is more than enough to make it one of the most profitable sports in the world. The high stakes associated with the game reflect in the NFL betting odds that bookmakers release and regularly update during the tournament. Followed by millions of eager fans and punters, the NFL is the ideal place to start your betting journey. Online betting sites also share game predictions for every match, after consulting with professionals, to help clients make the winning bet. A newcomer should spend a little time learning about the different odds in play, such as Moneyline and over-under, to make informed bets that have a higher chance of turning lucrative.

Premier League

Even though the Premier League is an English tournament, it is followed religiously by football fans from around the globe. Add to that the fact that football is the most loved game in the world and you’ve got a win-win situation on your hands. With international players taking part and several games in play through the season, there is a sea of opportunities available for punters to make money through the Premier League. Due to its popularity, bookies offer a range of welcome bonuses to first-timers, which can be the perfect boost to enhance your earnings.


The Indian Premier League is one of the most significant success sports stories of the decade. When the event first started, no one thought that it would become one of the most anticipated cricketing events of the year. Capitalising on the game’s 20-20 format, the IPL is primarily an Indian competition. However, teams are allowed to have a fixed number of foreign players in their squad, giving the tournament an international flavour. With a limited number of teams playing, it’s relatively easy for punters to pick on the strongest early on in the competition. Thus, IPL a great way to earn some money and enjoy the game of cricket in its new avatar.