When tickets go on sale, usually one person is responsible for fronting their credit card. However, now, the music festival platform Festicket is launching a new feature that allows music fans to purchase tickets as a group.

The new feature, “Pay with Friends,” allows the group to reserve tickets by only paying for part of the full payment up-front. Within 48 hours, everyone else in the group can pitch in. Organizers noted in a press release that this feature can help “reduce pressure” on the lead booker and ultimately kick-off the festival experience on a positive note.

Zack Sabban, CEO and co-founder at Festicket, wants the festival booking experience to be as easy as possible.

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“Groups are a big priority for us as the group is usually an important part of the festival experience,” Sabban said in the release. “We already have a designated sales team for assisting groups with their booking. We are the first ticketing company to offer a feature specifically designed for group payments. It’s exciting to be leading the way with this lifesaver for lead bookers.”

In order to access “Pay with Friends,” one person in the group can choose the option at checkout. After paying the first part, a link will be sent to the rest of the group, splitting the order. Everyone in the group will have 48 hours to pay their portion and once all portions are paid, the order will be confirmed and available to each member via their Festicket account.

If the full amount is not paid within 48 hours, the booking is released and no one will be charged, however, the lead booker will be charged for a non-refundable deposit.

Jonathan Younes, CPO and Co-founder at Festicket, said that he’s happy to finally be able to offer this option to Festicket users.

“We’ve created a fair solution that guarantees fans won’t be left out of pocket just because they’re the organised one out of their friends!” Younes explained. “We’ll continue to add features like this to the Festicket product to make sure all our customers have the best possible booking experience.”

Festicket has been expanding over the past year to offer its service to music fans across the globe; in 2018, the company announced a new president of U.S. affairs, and earlier this year, they teamed up with Coachella to target European fans. Festicket also made headlines recently for its acquisition of UK’s Event Genius and Ticket Arena.

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