Indians Fan Fumes After Tickets Cancelled Due To “Broker Activity” Indians Fan Fumes After Tickets Cancelled Due To “Broker Activity”
An Indians fan drove from Ontario to Cleveland to attend a match over the weekend, but when he tried to enter the game, he... Indians Fan Fumes After Tickets Cancelled Due To “Broker Activity”

An Indians fan drove from Ontario to Cleveland to attend a match over the weekend, but when he tried to enter the game, he found out that his tickets were cancelled due to “broker activity.”

The fan, named Bryan, tweeted about his experience on Twitter. He claimed that he purchased club seats directly from the Indians’ website last month, and he was not told that the tickets were cancelled until after he drove five hours from Canada. When he called fan services, he was redirected to a voicemail, which had not been returned.

“Looks like this is my last visit to Tribe Town,” Bryan said in a tweet.

The Indians ended up replying to Bryan’s tweet, claiming that his tickets were cancelled due to “broker activity” on his account. They directed him to the team’s ticket policies page, which notes that “any broker activity involving a ticket, as determined by the sole discretion of the Club, is a Non-Permitted Transfer unless specifically approved by the Club,” constitues the team to revoke a person’s tickets.

Cleveland News 5 reached out to the team to learn about the issues Bryan dealt with over the weekend. The team explained that his tickets were fully refunded and revoked after they noticed “broker activity on his account that does not align with our ticket policies” and an email was sent to him on August 29. Bryan said that he had sold a few tickets to games he couldn’t attend in the past, however he resold them on the Indians’ official ticket resale partner StubHub.

Fans blasted off at the Indians’ response to Bryan, with many noting that they do not want to become season ticket holders because of the Indians’ strict anti-resale policy.

The Indians played a doubleheader Saturday, losing 2-0 and 9-5 against the Twins. They’re slated to take on the Tigers tonight and tomorrow, followed by games against the Phillies, White Sox, and Nationals later this month.

Olivia Perreault Deputy Editor

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  • Ilyaas Harris

    September 19, 2019 #1 Author

    This is why the Indians rank so low on attendance, if I purchase tickets I should be able to do what I want with them. Sometimes, life events prevent fans from attending games…


  • DrBOP

    September 19, 2019 #2 Author

    I’m a bit confused. Do these new ticketing systems (seemingly being instituted at ALL professional sports stadiums) mean that there are no more “physical tickets” available?
    So, if you don’t own a smart phone, and thus don’t have a ticket app, you don’t get to go to the game.
    Is this true?


  • Mike Bonitati

    September 19, 2019 #3 Author

    I was a ticket hold since 1989 and renewed all my seats yet after year because the seats were in first second and third rows around the stadium After the 2017 World series the Indians took all my seats from me and said I had my pay day and they were not renewing any of my seats. After 27 years of loyalty. I have been a true die hard Indians fan. This has made my a tribe hater. I love the players but screw the front office.


  • joel Schwatz

    September 19, 2019 #4 Author

    I hope they choke on their own vomit and get eliminated in a road wild card game


  • Ron

    September 20, 2019 #5 Author

    The Atlanta Braves also treated some season ticket holders with extra restrictive features such as NOT allowing them to make their own exchanges online (as other season ticket holders were) if they were suspected of reselling too many games. They had to go through their rep for each exchange they wanted to make, which meant it could only be done Mon-Fri 9-5, if the rep was not on vacation or in a meeting, and could not make exchanges between Fri 5 pm and Mon 9 am (weekends)… for a full season ticket holder spending around $50,000 a year on season tickets. That money was put in the team’s pockets in September for the following year. The Braves were able to invest that money, and yet still singled out some folks by limiting their normal privileges. The rep/s often made mistakes in making the exchanges, as they were preoccupied with their other functions, and would misunderstand the exchange request or would speed-read an email request for an exchange and turn in the wrong tickets, or for the wrong date, costing the season ticket holder money and/or lots of time trying to correct the error.

    That is why they have a lot less season ticket holders today. They do not seem to care.

    Lastly, their association with StubHub is also to blame for certain individuals being targeted or suspected of “broker activity”. First, they encourage a season ticket holder to resell through StubHub, then if the season ticket holder follows through and posts on SH, he is “caught” or targeted for being a “broker”. Pretty tricky, I’d say. In criminal investigations, that would be called “entrapment”.

    Overall, that is why StubHub is not a saleable commodity (it seems it’s up for sale) with a bright future.

    Good luck.


  • mike

    October 1, 2019 #6 Author

    I was a STH for 8 years and attended about 75% of the games every year and selling (or attempting to sell) the rest for about 50% of face value on Stubhub if I can’t give them away. Towards the end of the season this year I received a nasty email from a Ticket Partnership Manager warning me of the ticket re-sell policy. I immediately replied with a questions regarding the policy. Where is the line? How many sales are too many? etc. No reply. I will miss my STH neighbors but I refuse to put up with this disrespectful behavior. I did not renew and now choose to enjoy my favorite team from home until they clean house in the front office. My advice to someone thinking about purchasing season tickets, DON’T DO IT! Use a third party vendor instead. You will save a ton of money and find better seats.


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