Multiple Juventus FC “Ultra” fans have been arrested in Italy for allegations of blackmail and extortion over the weekend, BBC reports.

According to investigators in Turin, a group of fans reportedly threatened to sing racist chants if club officials did not allow them to buy cheaper tickets to then resell for profit. They have been accused of money laundering and violence in the past, and the arrests come after a year-long probe into the group.

Police told the BBC that these fans occupied the “Ultras” sections of Allianz Stadium and 12 of the people arrested were a part of notorious gangs like “Drughi,” “Tradizone,” “Viking,” or “Nucleo 1985.” Back in 2017, Juventus were fined and had to play a match with half of the stadium closed after they sold tickets to Ultras. Additionally, the club’s president was banned for a year after it was found that he was linked to selling tickets to mafia supporters’ groups.

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Juventus tied with Fiorentina 0-0 on Saturday, followed by another tie 2-2 with Atletico Madrid yesterday. This weekend, they’ll take on Verona and will continue with matches through October against Brescia, SPAL, Bayer, Inter Milan, and Bolagna.