The cloud-based broker pricing tool, Ticket Vision, has announced integrations with POS Systems Ticket Utils and Skkybox, as well as the previously-announced integration with TicketNetwork’s POSNext.

Now, with the integrations, Ticket Vision can serve over 85 percent of the industry. Since this year’s Ticket Summit conference, the company has seen “exponential growth.” According to a press release, the average user reports that they are saving over 40 hours per month, increasing profits 5 to 10 percent, and selling tickets 20 percent sooner. Omar Sider, the owner of Ticket Vision, said that Ticket Vision has been receiving positive support and feedback since its inception.

“We developed a creative tool that allows artificial intelligence to encompass the thoughts and strategies of how our users think, when customizing their pricing strategy at an elite level,” Sider said in the release. “Mitigating losses, maximizing profits, which transpires into a healthy cash flow is essential to growing your business!

TFL and ATBS for ticketing professionals

Sider explained that businesses need state of the art technology to sell tickets quickly and efficiently; they need “an edge” in order to allow companies to spend more time buying, rather than pricing tickets. Rather than cross-referencing marketplaces, Ticket Vision makes recommendations to its clients, freeing up time so they can do more brokering and stay on top of price trends.

In addition to the recent integrations, Ticket Vision has announced a new VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Compitello. The industry veteran, formerly known for his worked with Rocket Poster, Ticket Utilis, and StubHub, will be responsible for leading the sales team. Sider said that Compitello’s knowledge and industry assets will help Ticket Vision appropriately fill their customers’ needs.

To learn more about Ticket Vision, visit their website.