Some football fans would be willing to do anything to score tickets for the Super Bowl — even if that means giving up internal organs.

According to a new poll conducted by Ticketmaster, which was reported by Reuters, some fans say they would give up organs or sex, and even end relationships, if it meant they could receive a ticket to the biggest event of the year. The survey, which polled 3,200 NFL fans over the age of 18 within the final two weeks of 2019, was split up into 100 people per team by gender. Nearly half of those surveyed said they would buy season tickets if they became rich, and 16% said they had broken up with someone over their alliance of the other team.

Nearly 75% of those polled considered themselves “avid” fans, which explains why would they would go to such lengths to score tickets; 35% said they would give up drinking for a year to attend a Super Bowl game that featured their team, and 14% said they would give up sex for 12 months. While this seems a little extreme, 7% actually admitted they would donate a kidney or leave their partner if it meant they could score tickets to the big game day.

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“Surveys like these really speak to the mindset of the NFL fan – and drilling down to the team level provides even more insights into their preferences,” Ticketmaster executive vice president and co-head of sports for North America, Clay Luter, told Reuters in a statement.

Currently, tickets are up-for-grabs on Ticketmaster for anywhere between $5,000 and $37,000 per seat. On the secondary market, ticket prices have just moved north of the $4,000 get-in mark.