The solutions provider Accesso recently announced a shift in leadership as Steve Brown returns to fill the role as Chief Executive Officer.

The company is renewing its focus on its strategic objective to deliver revenue and experience-enhancing solutions, and amid the shift, Brown will be replacing Paul Noland. Brown first founded the company’s namesake accesso business in 2008, high became the accesso Technology Group PLC when it was acquired from Brown in 2012. Throughout the years, accesso acquired Siriusware, ShoWare, Ingresso, and TE2. Brown had served as the president and CEO from 2016 to 018 before he departed. Now, stepping back into his role, he can reinvent the company’s plan.

Brown noted in a press release that Accesso has an “incredible team of talented professionals, a vast array of innovative technology and a global reach that is unmatched by any other company in the industry.”

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“I look forward to reacquanting myself with our clients and the Accesso team as we regain the momentum of this truly unique company,” Brown said.

Brown’s new plan includes refocusing some of the 500+ employees located across the globe, re-energizing the company’s approach to service and solution delivery, and working diligently to implement operations efficiently across all business segments. Additionally, he plans to re-evaluate the company’s core ticketing and POS solutions to produce a strategic plan that will improve a global sales reach, as well as integrating key components of the ticketing, POS, and quitting and experience related technologies “to address specific, market-driven opportunities and realizing the synergistic value intended from the company’s range of acquisitions.”

Accesso’s Exeutive Chairman Bill Russell said that the team is “thrilled that Steve has decided to return to the leadership role as the CEO.”

“His understanding of the company’s core business along with the vision and passion for Accesso are unparalleled,” Russell said. “We look forward to working with him as we re-energize the group, our clients and the marketplace and move forward with our long-term growth plan.”