The Seattle Dragons continue to enjoy a strong fan base within the revamped XFL, as evidenced by their latest ticketing milestone.

Team officials revealed that the Dragons had amassed more than 10,000 season ticket owners – the most within the league. That figure came to light after the Dragons topped the Tampa Bay Vipers 17-9 last weekend in their first home game.

“We have had a spike in demand and we surged past 10,000 season tickets, which is an awesome story for us and the most in the league by a wide margin,” Dragons president Ryan Gustafson revealed to press. “We’re continuing to build it every day. We’re grateful for the support we’ve gotten so far and excited to continue to build this, not just for this year but many years to come.”

Seattle has been one of the top markets to embrace Vince McMahon’s XFL both in attendance and broadcast viewership. Their Week 1 trip to Washington D.C. resulted in a loss at the hands of the in-demand Defenders but resulted in strong television ratings. Week 2 ratings increased over 18 percent in the local market while nearly 30,000 patrons came out to CenturyLink Field to see the action in person. Strong demand for tickets caused the stadium to open up additional sections. However, Gustafson acknowledged that the impact of their first home game shouldn’t be a benchmark for the rest of the season.

“The home opener in itself is a bit of a novelty especially because it’s the first game of a franchise,” Gustafson noted. “You see that with every other team in the market. We opened up more seats last weekend, had close to 30,000. It’s not going to be quite at that, but that’s OK. We’re going to be over 20,000. That’s what we’re thinking. But it changes every minute. We’re going to continue working hard to fill that place as much as we can.”

Similar energy and enthusiasm found in Seattle is also evident in St. Louis, where a packed house is expected for the BattleHawks’ XFL home opener. Some 28,000 fans are said to visit the Dome at America’s Center this weekend in anticipation of the city’s first professional football game in five years. St. Louis previously housed the NFL’s Rams before their relocation to Los Angeles.