Losing weight is never easy. Whether you’re trying to drop that stubborn ten pounds, or simply want to tone up and live healthier without focusing on the scale, sticking to the task comes with its fair share of difficulties. But one industry insider has tackled his lifestyle choices head on, leading to dramatic results and a drive to inspire others to accomplish their own health goals.

Steve Stone, President and CEO of 518 Tix Corp, lost 103 pounds in the last year and is not done yet. He shared the story of his weight loss journey with industry connections noting that when it comes health and wellness, there’s no goal that cannot be reached with enough effort and perseverance. Stone, a New York native, achieved his fitness goals by first walking on his own and later dedicating himself to his local gym at JCC Rockland.

“In January of 2019, I was working with my basketball team. I could not last more than five minutes on the court without having to take a break,” he shared. “I got in my car and said ‘Enough is enough!’ I immediately went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a treadmill. I went for a walk on the treadmill. I lasted three minutes.”

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Stone then turned to personal training at the JCC Rockland, where he had been a member for nearly 20 years but spent many of them “working out on and off.”

His 74-year-old trainer proved “extremely instrumental” in helping Stone achieve his goals and the pair were working out every other day doing a variety of routines. This quickly evolved into Stone transforming his diet as while and in a few months time, he had lost weight but still had to keep his health in check.

“In June of 2019, I went for my annual checkup. Thank God I started losing weight. My doctor told me I have Type 2 Diabetes. Of course, I was petrified at first, but after listening to the doctor and reading about Type 2 Diabetes, I approached this condition in the same manner I approached losing weight: Head on!

“My next goal is to get my A1C down to a manageable number. With God’s help and me staying focused, I am sure good things will happen. Before I started this journey, my weight was 320 pounds. Today, I am proud to say that I lost 103 pounds over the last year. I can walk a few miles or coach back-to-back practices with my teams with ease. My next goal is to get down to 200 pounds and tone-up my body.”

Stone has his sights set on carrying out his ongoing fitness goals, while also serving as a reminder to others everywhere that nothing is impossible.


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Photo credit: LocalFitness.com.au