As more and more Americans are directly impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, TicketNews will continue to provide occasional statistical updates reflecting the actual numbers, in hopes of injecting a bit of perspective.

Governors in 12 states – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and West Virginia – have announced stay-at-home orders designed to minimize spread of the disease while researchers develop solutions and health care systems brace for potential waves of cases. While the numbers are high and obviously expected to continue to go up as more and more individuals get tested, the raw numbers are still a tiny fraction of the U.S. population, which should give some hope that if people hold to social distancing measures and blunt the rapid growth of the outbreak, things could be getting back to normal on far better than the most dire of proposed timelines we’ve seen in the early days of this.

New York, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic, crossed the 20,000 known case barrier Monday, sitting at 20,875 total case mark – more than 50% of the total cases that are currently known to exist in America. Even there, however, the number of known cases per 1,000 residents has just passed one. 1.073, to be exact. A total of seven jurisdictions – New York, New Jersey, Washington, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Michigan and Colorado – currently show above 0.1 residents per 1,000 having tested positive. New Jersey is No. 2 behind its neighbor with 0.32 cases per 1,000.

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These statistics are not intended to downplay the seriousness of the current outbreak, nor to discourage anyone from doing their part by staying home as much as they can and practicing safe social distancing measures when they must leave home to minimize their chances of catching or spreading this aggressive virus. But it is valuable to take a step back from the panic and understand the numbers from a different perspective.

Known Coronavirus Cases Per 1,000 Residents

 New York 1.073
 New Jersey 0.320
 Washington 0.262
 Louisiana 0.180
 District of Columbia 0.164
 Michigan 0.123
 Colorado 0.103
 Massachusetts 0.093
 Connecticut 0.092
 Mississippi 0.084
 Vermont 0.083
 Illinois 0.083
 Maine 0.080
 Rhode Island 0.078
 Tennessee 0.077
 Wisconsin 0.065
 Nevada 0.062
 Georgia 0.058
 Delaware 0.058
 New Hampshire 0.057
 Utah 0.056
 Arkansas 0.055
 Florida 0.055
 Pennsylvania 0.050
 Maryland 0.048
 California 0.046
 Wyoming 0.045
 Alaska 0.044
 Minnesota 0.042
 Hawaii 0.040
 North Dakota 0.039
 Indiana 0.038
 Oregon 0.038
 South Carolina 0.038
 Iowa 0.033
 Alabama 0.032
 Montana 0.032
 South Dakota 0.032
 New Mexico 0.031
 Ohio 0.030
 Virginia 0.030
 North Carolina 0.029
 Idaho 0.026
 Texas 0.025
 Kentucky 0.023
 Kansas 0.022
 Nebraska 0.022
 Arizona 0.021
 Missouri 0.021
 Oklahoma 0.020
 West Virginia 0.009

State population figures via 2019 estimates by the U.S. Census BureauCoronavirus infection numbers via the Worldometer Coronavirus Tracker (as of 2PM Monday March 23)