Baseball fans are enduring quite the waiting period for the 2020 MLB season. But they may have to wait even longer to see the anticipated Field Of Dreams game the league was planning this summer.

The historic game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees is set for August 13 at the farm in Dyersville, Iowa where the classic baseball film Field Of Dreams was shot. While the season could be underway by then, there is reasonable doubt that it will take place in the Hawkeye State as the league is said to be heavily considering playing all games in Arizona to limit travel to high-risk areas.

A temporary, 8,000-seat ballpark is currently undergoing construction at the Dyersville farm and is not anticipating a halt due to the virus. However, fans may need to wait until 2021 to flock to the site. No official call has been made yet regarding the game, but the current state of travel and abnormal MLB season has certainly put a damper on Iowa’s tourism sector which was gearing up for a successful summer because of the Field of Dreams game.

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“At any time, if anything happens with it (Field of Dreams), good or bad, it attracts international attention and this game defiantly did that. You know, the amount of people it would have brought in, right around the game even and after would have been significant,” Travel Dubuque CEO Keith Rahe told local news outlet KCRG. “The diamond, they are going forward with construction on of it and getting ready. That means if it happens in 2020 great, but if it gets delayed to 2021. That’s great too because that means they will be playing a game here.”

Tickets are yet to go on sale for the August game, though Rahe noted that area hotels had booked up upon the league’s announcement last summer, proving the film’s most famous quote right: people will come.