Hockey season remains in limbo for the time being, but the Nashville Predators are hoping to address concerns of season ticket owners. The team announced the various ways they are helping aid those financially impacted by the pandemic, including a range of payment methods.

Predators season ticket holders have seen their final payment of the 2019-20 season on hold due to the league’s ongoing hiatus. Additionally, season ticket prices will not see an increase next season for continued support. The Predators organization has also detailed a number of payment options available to ticket holders facing economic impacts.

“Just as we’re all dealing with this unprecedented situation as a whole, every fan of the Predators has their own unique circumstances as well,” the team shared in a statement. “No one knows for sure when the puck will drop again, but it will happen at some point. That’s why the Preds are reaching out to their Season-Ticket Citizens with a number of different options on how they’d prefer to continue their support for the road ahead.”

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Those facing renewals will be able to pay monthly over the course of one year beginning May 1, which would ensure the lowest payment monthly. They also have the choice to put off payment until June 1 and pay over the course of 11 months. For those facing financial hardships, the Predators ticket office is open to working with fans on an individual basis to create a plan that best suites them.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman recently revealed that all options are on the table for resuming the season. However, should any cancellations arise, season ticket holders have a refund option available or may see funds credited toward their accounts for next season’s slate of games.

The Predators are one of few NHL or NBA teams to address season ticket payment concerns in wake of the pandemic that paused their seasons. The NFL has predominantly taken over discussions with a majority of teams electing to defer their payment deadlines in light of the virus.