As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the health and economic status of millions, NFL teams have been increasingly doing their part to help by offering relief to season ticket holders facing renewals. Now, several more teams based in the hard-hit Northeast have thrown their hats into the ring as well.

The Steelers, Eagles, Jets and Ravens are the latest NFL teams to defer payment plans for season ticket holders. Each now face different dates for renewal payments later in the spring as the country grapples with the virus and its economic impacts.

“We’re constantly monitoring the serious impact this public health crisis is having on our fans and community,” said Baker Koppelman, senior vice president of ticket sales and operations for the Baltimore Ravens. “Priorities have shifted for many people, and rightfully so. We hope this adjustment offers some relief at a time when families and businesses are forced to deal with more pressing needs.”

Ravens ticket holders will not face any payment deadline in April, with their final monthly payments now scheduled for May 15 and June 15. Pittsburgh Steelers season ticket buyers have also been given a month extension. They previously faced a May 1 deadline, which will now fall on June 1. Meanwhile, the Jets and Eagles ticket offices will relay new information regarding deadlines and payment plans at a later date.

Regional rivals like the Giants and Patriots had previously extended their payment period, while the Bills also have committed to be flexible with their season ticket owners. Most teams throughout the league have taken action to defer payments in the wake of the global crisis, leading several college football programs to follow suit.

While the coronavirus has not directly impacted football season the way it has other sports leagues, the NFL has still made adjustments accordingly. All team facilities have been shut down until further notice and all offseason activities, including the NFL draft, are expected to comply with social distancing in order to ensure a sense of normalcy come the fall.