Alaska is one of the first U.S. states to see a flattening curve for coronavirus cases, a feat which health experts are urging states to achieve before loosening any stay-at-home restrictions. To celebrate the decline in cases, residents will be treated to a one-day virtual music festival dubbed AK4AK.

The event will feature performances from local artists H3, Medium Build, DJ Spencer Lee and Blackwater Railroad Company, among other acts and special guests. It will all take place on a temporary stage built at the Port of Alaska small boat harbor and stream on Friday May 1 at 6 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.

“This is a perfect way to bring Alaskans together as we hunker down in Anchortown and across the state,” said event organizer Christopher Constant. “We chose the Port of Alaska as our venue because it’s the most important facility that moves critical food and supplies to Alaska’s communities. It’s also a way to thank the many shipping and port workers who are the unsung heroes keeping food on our tables.”

The festival will be free to stream on both and through Facebook, however viewers are encouraged to donate to the Food Bank of Alaska.

Alaska had seen new COVID-19 cases reported daily for over a month but stopped the incline on April 24. The state has amassed some 300 cases to date and has started to reopen certain businesses as the government begins to lift restrictions. advertisement