Denmark has ramped up its reopening process following a slowed spread of COVID-19. Much of the country’s entertainment attractions from zoos and museums to concert venues and theaters have all reopened early with strict guidelines in place.

The Danish ministry of culture laid out its post-lockdown protocol in the document “Guidelines for Reopening Cultural Productions and Cultural Events With a Seated Audience.” Safety and hygiene standards call for guests to adhere to social distancing of at least 1 meter from those who do not share a household, while a distance of 2 meters is required between performers and guests.

Additionally, outdoor events are to be capped at 500 guests while indoor venues are to keep events seated for the time being rather than allow patrons to stand during shows, according to the promoters’ association Dansk Live, via IQ Magazine.

Denmark’s shutdown order for entertainment venues was originally in place until June 8 but a slowed spread of the virus prompted the country to lift its restrictions weeks early. Prior to the reopening of such venues, Danish schools had welcomed back students with safety measures in place.

Although Danish theaters and concert venues are reopen to the public, drive-in concerts are still offering entertainment safely. Live Nation had launched an exclusive drive-in tour throughout the country that allows hundreds of vehicles per show.

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