Amid the coronavirus pandemic, concerts are slowly popping-up across the globe, but with several safety protocols in-place. TicketSource, the UK-based online ticketing platform, just launched a new social distancing feature for seating plans.

This new feature, which is reportedly thought to be a world-first for any ticketing platform, will allow event organizers to automatically block out seats surrounding a customer’s booking. This means that audience members will be able to enjoy the performance while still remaining a safe distance apart.

TicketSource’s Founder and CEO Simon Wilsher explained in a press release that the feature will help organizers determine how many adjacent seats to block out during a performance.

“The result is the creation of a socially distanced bubble around the ticket holder,” Wilsher said, “providing them with additional reassurance during these uncertain times.”

Already, the feature has received positive feedback from organizers across the industry. Sarah Gent of The Witham Hall Theatre explained in the release that the venue has been closed since March, but a feature that will help block out certain seats would really help going forward.

“Being able to get our events back up and running safely and prudently would make a huge difference to us financially,” Wilsher said. “I think it’s a really positive move and really appreciate the response from TicketSource to help support venues get through this difficult time.”

Similarly, Adam Nichols of The Maltings Theatre noted that the venue can’t really move forward until there is a way to implement social distancing, and explained that a feature like TicketSource’s would come in handy during this time.

“The more we can safely maximise our capacity whilst ensuring our customers feel safe and confident about booking, the more viable it is for us to be able to reopen the theatre sooner,” Nichols said.

Currently, the live event industry is halted, however, socially-distant concerts have been popping-up. Additionally, promoters and venues are testing crowdless shows and drive-in movie theater concerts.

Last Updated on June 8, 2020