How to Improve your Online Casino Experience How to Improve your Online Casino Experience
For those of us who love the bright lights of physical casinos, the camaraderie of sitting at a poker table with friends and strangers... How to Improve your Online Casino Experience

For those of us who love the bright lights of physical casinos, the camaraderie of sitting at a poker table with friends and strangers alike, the free drinks, the buffet food… the last eighteen months have been tough.

Thank goodness for online casinos. They’ve been a solid companion for those stuck at home, and in many cases have offered an even better experience than what you get in the traditional establishments. If you’re new to the online game, here are a few ways you can level up your online casino experience.

Only Use Reputable Casinos

Bit of a no-brainer, but it’s something you have to keep in mind when playing online: only opt for reputable casinos. There are some downright nasty ones out there, and you have to do everything in your power to avoid them. These are some of the problems you may come up against:

  • They’re all very willing to take your cash, but when it comes to cashing out, they suddenly need to see your grandma’s birth certificate. Ugh.
  • Games suddenly crash without explanation. Super annoying.
  • Customer service is absolutely terrible. Finding someone you can actually speak to is harder than stumbling across the Holy Grail.

Luckily, avoiding these casinos is relatively easy. The best thing to do is stick to the known names in the industry. Companies like 888 Casino and William Hill are just two of the big hitters. Always read reviews from reputable sources, use that to better inform your playing choices and you should be just fine.

Try Out Live Casino

One of the best additions to online casinos is the live option. You can join a table of blackjack or roulette, for example, and you’ll be given the chance to chat with both the dealers and fellow players.

The dealer even responds to your chats in person as the game is going on. It gives you that real-life experience, the feeling that you’re actually there. It’s also fun to chat with people from all over the world, whether it’s for banter or to pick up a solid gambling tip along the way.

And no, don’t worry, you don’t have to appear on camera yourself. So feel free to play in your pyjamas. When it’s online, anything goes!

Manage Your Bankroll

Humans are impatient creatures. They just want to load up the game and go. Managing bankrolls and watching the pennies is just so dull compared to the fast-paced casino experience.

But if you want your online casino experience to last more than just a single session, we recommend you manage your bankroll properly. Keep track of your bets, don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, and set daily limits. Set targets for how much you want to win, achieve them and set aside for another time.

Approach your bankroll like a business, at least if you want to earn money in the long run. Use Google Docs, for example, to manage the numbers. Even if you’re just playing for the fun of it, it’s a good idea to track your expenses. You don’t want to get a shock when looking over your bank statements at the end of the month.

Be a Bonus Hunter

Do you know those TV clips where they feature so-called ‘coupon queens’? That’s what you need to become, but for online casinos. Companies are fighting for your business, which means they offer some fantastic sign-up and reload bonuses. If you do it properly, you can make a whole lot of money.

The reason casinos continue to offer these ‘too good to be true’ deals is that most people are too lazy to really look into them. They see the flashy signs, add money to their account, and proceed to burn through their bankroll.

But for the savvy gambler, it’s an opportunity to make big bucks. Hint: be the savvy gambler, not the greedy/lazy kind!

Take a Breather

Our last bit of advice is a little contradictory: take a breather from gambling. You may be asking yourself how on earth this improves your online casino experience. So here’s the thing: casinos can be addicting. Winning money is exhilarating, the games are fun, and if you play things right you can walk away with a tidy profit.

The problem is that most people don’t know when to stop. If they get a big bonus win, they keep on playing until they hit the next one (when it’s most likely you’ll go right back down to 0). Players double down to win back losses. They gamble with money they don’t have. It can quickly turn into an expensive and painful experience.

Don’t ruin the online casino experience. Take a step back and do something else. If you’ve lost money, there’s always another day. New bonuses, free spins, the works. The casino won’t go away.