Kanye West, now formally known as “Ye,” announced that he and Drake would be anchoring a “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert in Los Angeles on December 9. The performance will “raise awareness and support for Larry Hoover and the cause of prison and sentencing reform,” according to the concert announcement on the website of the LA Coliseum.

The concert is scheduled for December 9 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Tickets go on sale beginning Monday, November 22 at 10AM, Pacific Time. The ticket link for primary sales is available here.

“I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause but prove to people how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride aside and come together,” says Ye.

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Larry Hoover has been in prison since 1973, originally convicted of murder. While in prison, he was allegedly still a gang leader, but by the early 1990s, claimed to have renounced his criminal past. In 1995, a lengthy undercover operation by federal authorities led to charges of drug conspiracy, extortion, and continuing to engage in a criminal enterprise, charges for which he was found guilty in 1997, leading to his current incarceration at a maximum security facility in Colorado.

Ticket prices for the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert have not yet been announced, but rumors have surfaced that the prices may be starting at a figure as high as $500 per ticket, which would mean a total gate in excess of $20 million. In a benefit performance, that would mean that much of that amount – proceeds of the tickets and service charges, less the hard costs of the production, with the venue itself being a donation rather than rented, and the performers playing for free.

No specific details regarding the actual charitable organization (or organizations) that would be beneficiaries of such funds after the performance. Several organizations are linked under “Information and resources” on the event page on the coliseum website:

Ye and Drake had been embroiled in a lengthy feud, trading shots over a span of several years, but have recently put that behind them, and are set to take the stage in LA next month.

“Bringing these two great artists together for the culture and the cause of prison reform has been an honor,” J Prince said in a statement with the concert announcement. “Through my work with Larry Hoover and his family, i’ve really had my eyes opened to the plight of incarcerated people in this country, and I hope fans of Ye and Drake will take the time to do the same.”

We’ll update with additional information when it is available.