A motion has been filed that could lead to the consolidation of hundreds of lawsuits related to the Astroworld tragedy, according to multiple reports. The merging of the lawsuits, which generally have similar causes of action and facts related, would drastically reduce the amount of legal work involved in defending the cases for those needing to.

A flurry of litigation has taken place in the wake of Astroworld, which saw ten concertgoers die and hundreds of others injured after crowded conditions led to a “crush” situation on the event’s first night while Travis Scott and Drake were performing. Plaintiffs have sought to hold Scott, Drake, Live Nation Entertainment, NRG Park, and other vendors involved in the event responsible for the deaths, injuries, and other trauma in the wake of the tragedy.

The motion to combine the lawsuits was reportedly supported by the key defendants as well as lawyers representing more than 2,500 plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs. It was filed by Norton Rose Fulbright and lead counsel Brett J. Young, which represents ASM Global.

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From the filing:

“Movants are aware of 275 lawsuits with more than 1250 plaintiffs that have been filed in each of the 24 different district courts in Harris County. Nearly all of the petitions allege injuries and/or deaths as a result of an incident during a live performance by musician Travis Scott at the Astroworld festival. The lawsuits involve common procedural questions and legal issues. Upon information and belief, including conversations with plaintiffs’ counsel, movants expect that the filing of new lawsuits will continue”.

“Transfer of all of these lawsuits to a single pretrial judge for consolidated and coordinated pretrial proceedings will eliminate duplicative discovery, conserve resources of the judiciary, avoid conflicting legal rulings and scheduling, and otherwise promote the just and efficient conduct of all actions”.

The motion continued with a recommendation that the cases be consolidated before judge Lauren Reeder in the 234th district court of Harris County.

As the lawsuits continue to be filed, the various defendants have all begun to select their legal counsel for what is likely to be a lengthy process, consolidated or no.

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