After less than three years of operation, TicketNetwork says a rooftop solar array at the company’s Connecticut headquarters has already generated enough electricity to equal the planting of over 50,000 trees and saving over 4,600 barrels of oil. The solar array is the centerpiece of the ticket resale marketplace’s Green Initiative, which also features an animal sanctuary, walking trails, and farming operation that involves local youth programs.

Since it was completed in April 2019, the solar array at TicketNetwork has generated 4.47 million kWh of electricity, according to statistics provided by the company. Originally expected to generate enough power to cover 70 percent of the building’s electrical usage, the array has actually exceeded that, due to reduced staffing onsite due to the pandemic. Metering from the array tracking the power generation estimates the carbon offset from the electricity generated stands at 4.35 million pounds.

“Our Green Initiative and solar roof have been such a high point for us and what we do here,” says TicketNetwork CEO Don Vaccaro. “It has served as a tangible cost-savings for our company in terms of its utility expenses, but more importantly, it is a highly visible symbol of the impact that we can make in our community as a responsible steward of our environment.”

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The solar array covers the majority of the roof of TN’s HQ building, and is visible for cars passing by along Interstate 84. Also visible are acres of orchard trees and tilled earth that will once again be turned into a sprawling vegetable and herb garden as the seasons change. According to TN’s Director of Facilities William Downs, the last 12 months have seen 50 new fruit trees planted on the property, and more than 700 vegetable and flower plans are currently sprouted between onsite greenhouse and hydroponic facilities.

When it is time for those plants to be sewn, Downs and his staff will have assistance from local programs for school-aged children that have become a part of the Green Initiative. Members of the South Windsor Youth & Family Services Division Rising Stars Program will be spending time onsite, assisting with the planting and cultivation efforts, providing a hands-on experiential and educational activity. A separate group from Timothy Edwards Middle School will be starting plants from seeds in their classroom, bringing the young plants to TicketNetwork to add them to the field.

The other leg of the Green Initiative is also growing, as TicketNetwork’s animal sanctuary has added beehives this year to its location, just down the hill from TN’s parking lot and adjacent to walking trails that also span the property. The menagerie now includes goats, ducks, chickens, geese, llamas, and pigs, which are cared for by Downs and his staff year-round, and frequently visited by the company staff on breaks.

“Support of a healthy and sustainable future is a key aspect of TicketNetwork’s culture, and one that the company is proud to support,” the press release announcing the solar roof milestone and other Green Initiative programs reads. “It is the company’s hope that others will also develop programs similar to the Green Initiative and do their part to expand the celebration of Earth Day out from one day in April to 365 days a year.”

Live statistics from the solar array are available here:


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