Weezer announced that its planned Broadway residency for early fall has been called off. The set of concerts, which was planned for the Broadway Theatre from September 13 to 18, was reportedly cancelled over “low ticket sales and unbelievably high expenses,” according to the band’s lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo on his Discord server.

Weezer’s inventive release SZNZ is an ongoing project which the band defines each of the four EPs with seasons. ‘SZNZ: Spring’ EP was presented in March, and it was followed by ‘Summer’ edition in June. Broadway residency was announced in the very same month, and each show date of the residency was to be related to a different season’s EP, along with ‘Autumn’ that is expected for September 23, and ‘Winter’ on December 21. The shows were also going to feature Californian band’s most favorite sunny tracks spanning over the years.

“I just learned that our Broadway shows have been cancelled (due to low ticket sales and unbelievably high expenses.)” wrote Cuomo, “I’m very sorry to be telling you this now after we’ve already invested so much time, thought, and emotion.”

“Extra apologies to those of you who cleared schedules and made travel plans to be with us,” the front man went on, “Thanks to @Broadway Producer for all your hard work and great ideas.”

He said he loved where they had been going and he hoped they could find a way to resurrect their vision.

Consisting of Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Patrick Wilson (drums), Scott Shriner (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Brian Bell (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Weezer explained the musical style of the 4-EPs-SZNZ on their social media account before as follows: “This year we’re releasing 4 EPs inspired by magic, Pagan myths, religious rituals, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Shakespeare & more (so much more). Each one will take you on an enchanting journey.”

As of Friday, August 12, there aren’t any confirmations regarding Rivers Cuomo’s cancellation statement on band’s Twitter and Instagram accounts; however, tickets to the shows are no longer listed on Telecharge page, either.

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Last Updated on August 12, 2022