The NFL schedule for 2022 is out, and you are undoubtedly wondering if you should go ahead and get your tickets for the upcoming season already. Wait! Trying to employ the same tactics you use when paying for flight tickets or music concerts to secure early bird tickets to save money will not work with NFL tickets. Instead, you’ll end up spending more money than necessary.

When it comes to the NFL and buying tickets, you first should dismiss the notion that you are saving money by being an ‘early bird’ and securing tickets early. The tips for saving big on NFL tickets are not isolated to simply paying the least price possible.

An excellent way to save big is to get your money back by betting and winning on the game outcomes. Check out NFL spreads to know the best odds available at this time and develop winning strategies for playing your games.

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Valuable Tips for Saving Big on NFL Tickets

If you want to find ways to save some cash on tickets, here are some tips that might help you.

  1. Wait Before Purchasing Tickets

It’s well known that people who wait at least two weeks to the game date get the best seats and save money. In comparison, the analysis of ticket sales data from some past NFL seasons reveals that ticket prices tank to about 30% lower on average 24 to 48 hours before the game.

The reason for the tank in price is that ticket value reduces as it approaches the expiration of kickoff time, and sellers are willing to sell for rock bottom prices. Note that, it’s not a tactic to be employed in every NFL game, as the more interest a game garners, the faster it’s tickets are likely to get sold and the less likely it may be for you to get one.

This means it is very likely that the best seats would have been taken. Therefore, purchasing just before the game is a no-no if you want to enjoy the experience. Waiting till about two weeks before the game starts is an excellent way to go if the teams are not popular.

  1. Choose Less Popular Opponents

While purchasing early may not get you the most favorable price, the law of demand and supply remains valid. Thus, the more popular the team is and the more fans it has, the higher the ticket prices will be. If you have a favorite team, paying to watch when they are going against less popular opponents will give you a more favorable price.

For example, ticket prices (as checked on the 2nd of November) for Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers start from around $124 for upper-level seats, with half the price going for a game between Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions that is just six days later.

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  1. Eat Before the Game

Counting on getting meals at the stadium will have you spending all the money you thought you had cut by following the advice above. Eating from home and limiting yourself to buying snacks or drinks at the stadium will help save you money. You can also decide to go to the games with some snacks. However, the NFL restricts what edibles can be brought to the stadium.

  1. Do Thorough Research

While buying tickets on the NFL site is advised, make sure also to check the rates offered by other sellers. This would be especially helpful if you hope to go with a group. Chances are, incentives are being offered depending on how many you intend to buy.

Checking the social media sites of the teams is also essential to stay updated on whatever ticket slash may be going on through some collaboration with a sponsor or the other. The more popular a game is, the more likely it is that service providers offer an incentive to encourage the use of their services by the fans of these games.

  1. Be Smart about Transportation Costs

Parking tickets are often costly. If you plan to drive to the game, securing them online may have you enjoy over fifty percent off what you would pay if you intended to pay on the spot. Also, going by public transit is another way to bypass driving to the stadium.



Prioritizing having a good time is most important when it comes to saving big on NFL tickets. If the whole process seems to be tasking, there’s an alternative. Catch a preseason game with friends and family instead.

It will allow you to interact more intimately with the players without paying the price of watching them play in real-time. You can also save by volunteering for the team you hope to watch, and joining their fan club, as those may even afford you privileges and close contact with the team.