Thousands of fans were unable to enter Emirates Stadium on-time to watch the kick-off between Arsenal and Nottingham over the weekend. What’s to blame? Fans say digital tickets.

Over the summer, Arsenal F.C. switched-over to an all-digital system, meaning tickets are now only accessible through smartphones.

During Arsenal’s match against Nottingham Forest F.C. on Saturday, an apparent technical glitch caused delays at the turnstiles, leaving an estimated 35,000 people unable to enter the stadium before the game began, the Guardian reports.

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Arsenal was forced to delay the start of the game to ensure more fans could get into the stadium. Amid the chaos, fans were unaware that the start-time was even delayed, blaming poor quality of the stadium’s PA system.

An Arsenal spokesperson confirmed the delayed kick-off, noting in a statement to Sports Pro Media that “all supporters were admitted into the stadium safely ahead of the 1pm kick-off.”

“The issue will be investigated to ensure we do everything possible to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” the spokesperson said. “We would also like to thank our staff who worked hard to get everyone to their seats safely in time for the revised kick-off time.”

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